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For the past decade Paul has been producing custom DVDs and Online teaching products for magicians to sell after their shows or on their websites. Paul has taken the DVD concept and turned it in to an online product YOU can sell yourself on your website, to schools, libraries etc. as a download magic tutorial. You can easily customise it yourself by adding YOUR logo to the front or back.

All the work has been done for you. Just purchase the download package and start selling your own ONLINE MAGIC VIDEO COURSES!!!
You can customise this as much as you want yourself.

All tutorials are performed in white gloves with background music which makes it very generic. You can easily take the download and using any video editing software add your own logo and a performance if you want. This makes it YOUR own personal teaching download and helps make you money as well as promotes you.

Once you purchase your package you will download the tutorial which you keep and sell to your hearts content. Magicians have been making thousands of dollars from these videos and there is no better time to start your online magic income than now!!

$75.00 PACKAGE
You will receive a video tutorial that teaches EIGHT tricks that kids and adults can perform at home - these include:

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