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Carti de joc KEM Arrow Black & Gold Dublu Jumbo Index

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Carti de joc Tally-Ho Fan Back
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Produs de Lost Art Magic
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This one's for the Workers. You know that one routine you always do, because it's simple, solid, visual; ends with the coins in their hands, and a scream? Now it's better. Now they'll scream twice.

You are magic. You are the power to amaze and entertain at will. And you keep getting better. You are In Transit. This is Curtis Kam's masterful upgrade to the classic shell coins across. Because if you're just standing still, you're not going anywhere.

|| Disclaimer ||

For In Transit, you will need a little something that's either already in your junk drawer or easily obtainable, as well as a little something that will fit inside the first thing.

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