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Kelvin Trinh Presents INFINITY Video DOWNLOAD 42 lei
Produs de Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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"It looks quite good!"
- John Carey

"Nice effect!"
- Arnel Renegado

"I really like his method. Simple but effective!"
- Kelvin Trinh

Linking cards always looks awesome. Amr Rady created a new method to do that effect a long time ago, and now he brings it to you.

You tear out the center of one card, and toss away the center. Do the same with another card. Place them together in your hand, and open them up - they're linked! It looks impossible!

Comes with over 10 minutes of detailed instructions by Kelvin. You will learn how to construct the gimmick and perform this trick everywhere.
  • Easy to construct gimmick
  • Spectators can put their signature on the card
  • Perform anywhere

Download the video and learn this today.

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