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Carti de joc NOC Original Deck (Yellow) tiparit la USPCC 32 lei
Carti de joc NOC Original Deck (Yellow) tiparit la USPCC

Ata invizibila desfacuta 24 lei
Ata invizibila desfacuta
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The Vault - 4 for 4 Video DOWNLOAD 41 lei
Produs de Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Shin Lim's hyper visual take on the 4 for 4 plot explained in full detail! Just one of the amazing effects from the Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic Project.

This looks absolutely unbelievable. The four Aces pop out of the deck. They turn into the 4 Kings! They're handed to the spectator - the spectator turns them over, and they have turned back into the 4 Aces. But where are the Kings, you ask? You pull them from behind the spectator's head, of course!

Beautiful moves and brilliant magic.

Download this video and start learning!

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